Giardimo Romantico

Wood autconstruction workshop

2016 · Workshop

The result of a 5 days participatory building site. A team of 9 students and tutors from Norway, Spain and Sicily, have designed and built together in the gorgeous garden of Villa Napoli, in the very heart of Palermo.

An urban regeneration work to make accessible and usable the Villa with its beautiful garden, with its majestic ficus magnolioide.

An intervention suitable for adults, kids and elderly; all made of larch wood, durable and safe.

A built example of participatory design:

  1. A sittable ramp to enter the pool, to offer a special view to the Villa and the Ficus.
  2. A relax spot for reading, chatting and taking a rest.
  3. Two platforms on wheels to wander about the pool, to choose your own point of view, your preferred seat.

4. A terraced platform to enjoy the shadow of the Ficus and its crown, seated or flat on your back; to enjoy a storytelling, a voice, a song, a melody.