Nomade and sensorial structures

From the school to the market: nomade and sensorial structures

2016 · Workshop

Feeling well in a space is a question of health and wellbeing. The architecture should ensure the well-being of people living in public spaces. That is not a luxe, it is a basic right! 

Do the spaces at school and the public spaces in the neighborhoods satisfy the integral well-being of the inhabitants, adults and children? 

Can the senses be used as a tool to better understand the spaces where we live and to improve them? With those questions the project “From the school to the market: nomade and sensorial structures” has been presented to teachers.

And what best presentation that a good practice? All together we opened one of the nomade suitcases of the stage “migrations”. We took delight from a varied test of the awareness through the body using the senses as a tool to connect with ourselves and the others. We became aware of the extraordinary capacity of the body to read, understand and transform spaces. The body detects which architectural characteristics foster its well-being and which do not, and this experiential knowledge will guide us toward a more conscious, responsible and sustainable design.