We assume that everybody is capable of criticizing, visioning, designing and building.


We take participatory processes as the starting framework for offering services and sets of services adapted to the commission and client needs.


The activation of awareness through the body lets people, especially children, realize to have capabilities usually underestimated or ignored. They are able to evaluate their state of mental, physical and social well-being within a place or a specific circumstance. They become key players in the investigation and improvement of their environments.  Our BDD methodology is flexible and scalable, adaptable to different contexts, to the specifical availability of human and material resources.


Body driven design provides communities and public administrations with urban development, regeneration and transformation tools more sensible and sustainable in terms of acceptation, but also in terms of a good cost-effectiveness balance.


Our approach helps in mitigating or fixing the discomfort with a place physical transformation. It helps also in increasing wellbeing, in facilitating community building and community empowerment.


We organize and manage of body driven and human centred design and building processes involving people, especially the most vulnerables, in all the stages of the project.


We intervene in a wide range of situations of discomfort and distress caused by the environment, by the quality or the lack of everyday life spaces, of schoolyards, of playgrounds, of community places.


We organize and manage theoretical and practical training courses, centered on body and sensoriality, on the ability to investigate, design and transform space together.


We offer training in all the stages of the body driven design process in order to make people autonomous in their environment understanding and transformation.

Our body becomes the driving force to understanding places and their transformation, in search of the reconnection of the human being with itself and the environment

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