We are an interdisciplinary and internationally based organization. We are working to enhance people’s wellbeing through the co-creation of healthy built environments.

Lemur was born in Barcelona in 2011 starting from a network of people with heterogeneous backgrounds, sharing a will to contribute to people’s wellbeing through architecture, body consciousness, education and music.


Body listening and vital impulses awareness guide the whole-person development and the understanding and design of her environment.

Reconnection with nature is crucial for individual and community wellbeing and survival.

A child-sized environment is suitable for everyone.


We aim at reducing inequalities and disadvantage by promoting participatory processes,enhancing quality of life and community resilience.


We aim to manage different scales and intensities of distress, from schoolyards to neighbourhoods, from refugee camps to post-disaster scenarios.


We help people to become key players in transformation processes.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us