Between 2013 and 2017 we carried out a wide spectrum of structured projects with children and adolescents; experimenting with body centered explorations.


On the basis of the solid experience gained, in 2016 we started to use a body driven design (BDD) approach, a methodology entirely conceived around the body.


We work through four connected, flexible and scalable stages: awakening, design, building and inhabiting.


A set of activities aimed at activating the awareness through the body and at identifying spatial peculiarities, potentials and challenges.


Sensory maps, intended to highlight tension spots and place vocations. Visions aimed at establishing guidelines to support the following transforming actions.


Aimed at achieving physical transformations and shaping, involving natural materials and hand-building techniques.


Aimed at testing through free play and use what has been built.

Body driven design is meant for everybody.

Everybody is enabled and allowed to experiment with design and building.


Our BDD approach is the result of an intense personal training, a wide practice of design, planning, building and education, and intensive on field experimentation. We especially got inspired by the following methodologies:


ATB started in July 1992 in the schools of Auroville as a programme to help children and adults increase their capacity for attention, concentration and relaxation, and to enhance their ability for self awareness and their sense of responsibility. Using their senses in a more complete way individuals will be able to better manage their mind and emotions. Through the body they will awaken the consciousness of the entire being and all the parts that form it.


A human-centred education where individuals are active protagonists of their learning process, according to their own needs and rhythms. They learn through playing and through a singular or collective trial and error method. The guide’s role is to provide a rich and safe environment facilitating participants’ activities. The whole community is responsible for education.


The design process continues within the construction site. The building process becomes a chance to enrich the project opening unexpected opportunities offering ideas and design solutions.

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