Lemur counts upon a wide network of members. Ad hoc task teams are formed according to the expertises required by each project.

Bendetta Rodeghiero

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Architect (IUAV-Venice, 1999);
PhD in Architectural Design (UPC-Barcelona Tech, 2008)

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She’s an independent researcher in post-disaster resilience and participatory design. Professor of Urban Planning and Design at the Ear-URV (2014-2017) and at the Etsab-UPC (2009-2014); invited professor in Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Chile, Mexico. Thanks to her three kids, since 2007, she investigates body and space combining Awareness Through the Body, Seitai and active learning. A barefoot walking is her way of life.

Elena Gimeno


Architect (ETSALS-Barcelona, 2010);
Light Designer (UPC School, 2012)

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She practices experimenting with the interaction between light, space and people between Galicia and Catalonia. Restless and very active, she has participated in several self-construction and participatory processes of urban regeneration workshops at a national and international level. Additionally, she manages, designs and coordinates projects applying the Livingston method, based on a series of participatory techniques that allow to collectively define both the needs and desires of users and the best architectural solution for them.

Marco Terranova

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Architect (IUAV-Venice, 1999);

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He spent his entire professional life dealing with sustainable design issues through projects, building sites and educational activities. He designs and self-builds with wood and natural materials, often through “design by doing” participatory processes. He developed a problem solving attitude thanks to intensive sites in Italy and abroad (Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Burkina Faso). In 2016 he co-founded Todo, a collective of architects and craftsmen, to support urban regeneration processes and actions.

Teresa G. Valenzuela

Body explorer

           Dancer and Choreographer (The Theater Institute-Barcelona);           Social Educator (UB-Barcelona); Trainer (Pere Tarrés Foundation)

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She lives and experiments with her body. Educator and trainer , dancer and choreographer, mother. She combines experiential anatomy, Feldenkrais, Awareness Through the Body, contact improvisation, Aikido, embodiment, active learning. She works in projects that educate and facilitate through the body.

Ania Bech


Student of architecture (UPC-Barcelona Tech); Acrobat

Jordi Marfà


Architect (UPC-Barcelona Tech, 2005); Violinist

Ross Pérez


Architect (UPC-Barcelona Tech, 2015)


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