This instant action take place in the framework of the Arquitecturas Colectivas annual meeting, in Barcelona.

Get inspired by the Jane Jacobs walks, we organise an itinerary linked over six places, where performers with strong connection to the local life explained their peculiar relationship with the specific place and helped the participants to understand the history of the Plaça de les Glòries with its two parallel timelines of events. Each place was used to present a specific topic as follows:

. New Encant’s Market. The upstairs neighbours: the imposed city?
. Temporary Encants’s Primary School. Spaces and identities in transition.
. Fabrica dels paraigues, symbol of the working class in Barcelona and Old Encant’s Market. The value of memory.
. Glories’s mall. The law of the market.
. Informal city 9m under formal city. The downstairs neighbours: the creative city.

The walk ended in Bolivia Nau an old factory occupied by a collective of artists and craftsmen, who organised different performances. The numerous inputs have constituted the starting point for the final debate which was open to the public, during which important questions related to the polysemous nature of the place and to its next future occurred.


Collective walk; storytelling; debate; video recording; evaluation techniques.


  • Collective walking as a spontaneous act of spatial appropriation
  • Strong communicative impact with a clear political message of public space claim
  • A collaborative approach to urban planning


YEAR: 2014

PLACE: Plaça de les Glòries, Barcelona

PEOPLE INVOLVED: Co-organizers: Repensar Bonpastor,  El Globus Vermell; Mar Valldeoriola (video)

SPECIAL GUESTS: neighbour’s Associations of Poblenou, Fort Pienc, Clot-Camp de l’Arpa, Sagrada Família; Family Association School of Encants; UTE agence Ter + Anna Coello de Llobet, winner of the transformation project; shoop keeper of the Encants market; Artist Association Woodvibration.


SCALE: Neighborhood


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